Targeting areas where there are high unmet medical needs and our R&D experience can be fully utilized, we are focusing our resources on the following core therapeutic areas: “Central Nervous System”, “Diabetic & Metabolic”, “General Medicine (Gastrointestinal) We are reinforcing our marketing activities, aiming to provide high-quality medicines to patients worldwide.




Tab CLONA MD 0.5 Clonazepam Mouth Disolving Tab IP 0.50 MG Neurology and Psychiatry
Tab CLONA MD 0.25 Clonazepam Mouth Disolving Tab IP 0.25MG  Neurology and Psychiatry
Tab CLONA MD 1.0 Clonazepam Mouth Disolving Tab IP 1.0 MG   Neurology and Psychiatry
Tab ESCITO Escitalopram Oxalat IP 5,10,20MG Neurology and Psychiatry
Tab ESCITO PLUS Escitalopram & Clonazepam IP  10MG,0.5MG            Neurology and Psychiatry  
Tab DUGEX 20 Duloxetine  HCL   20MG Neurology and Psychiatry
Tab DUGEX 30 Duloxetine HCL  30MG  Neurology and Psychiatry
Tab IMIDEP 2 Imipramine HCL& Diazepam IP   25MG,2MG   Psychiatry
Tab IMIDEP 5 Imipramine HCL &Diazepam IP      25MG,5 MG            Psychiatry
Tab TRICURE PLUS Trifluoprazine HCL+ Trihexyphendyl HCL IP      5MG,2MG   Psychiatry
Tab LORAGEP 1 Lorazepam  1MG        Psychiatry
Tab LORAGEP 2 Lorazepam 2MG  Psychiatry
Tab FLUENT Flupenthixol  + Militracine               —       Psychiatry
Tab OLIPGA 5 Olanzapine   5MG           Psychiatry
Tab OLIPGA 10 Olanzapine   10MG      Psychiatry
Syp ZETAM Piracetam    500MG/5ML Neurology and Psychiatry              
Tab ACECURE P Aceclofenac&Paracetamol             100MG,500MG             Physician
Tab NIMUGEN P Nimesulide+ Paracetamol 100MG,500MG              Physician
Cap PENZOLE DSR Pantoprazole& Domperidone SR    40MG,30MG              Gastroenterology
Tab OLIPGA 2.5 Olanzapine   2.5MG Psychiatry
Tab TRIBID Trihexyphenidyl HCL        2MG      Neurology and Psychiatry              
Cap PERFECT Antioxident + Vitamins + Mineral capsule            —              Vitamins
Tab TRENQUIL 0.25 Alprazolam            0.25MG            Psychiatry              
Cap PREGAMEX M 75 Pregabalin&Metylcobalamin  75MG,750MCG    Neurology and Psychiatry              
Tab GLYMEX G 1 Glimipride&Metformin SR 1MG,500MG     Diabetes
Tab GLYMEX G 2 Glimipride 2mg&Metformin SR         2MG,500MG    Diabetes
Tab GLYMEX GP 1 Glimipride, Metformin,Pioglitazone  1MG,500MG,15MG    Diabetes
Tab GLYMEX GP 2 Glimipride, MetforminPioglitazone   2MG,500MG,15MG    Diabetes
Tab GLYMEX SR 500mg Metformin SR 500MG             Diabetes
Tab GLYMEX SR 1000mg Metformiin SR 1000MG            Diabetes
Tab GLYPIOMET 40 mg Gliclazide ,Pioglitazone, Metformin 40MG,15MG,500MG            Diabetes
Tab MIGRIT PLUS Propranolol &Alprazolam 20MG,0.25MG   Psychiatry
Tab MIGRIT 20 Propranolol Hydrochloride               20MG Neurology and Psychiatry              
Tab MIGRIT SR 40 Propranolol Hydrochloride SR   40MG.               Neurology and Psychiatry              
Tab GECALVIT Calcium citrate, vit D3 ,Zinc          Physician
Tab LORAGEP 0.5 Lorazepam   0.5MG              Psychiatry
Tab.HELYDOL 5 Helaperidol    5MG               Psychiatry
Tab.HELYDOL 1.5 Helaperidol   1.5MG            Psychiatry
Cap.ALL-1 Methylcobalamin,benfotiamine,vit.E,ALA           — Neurology and Psychiatry              
Syp.RYTHUM Nervine Tonic   —       Neurology and Psychiatry              
Oil P-CURE Pain Reliving Oil               —        Orthopedics and Neurology
Tab. G-CAR Livacecarnine  500MG            Neurology and Psychiatry